Low acidity, excellent quality and high nutritional values.

Consumable olive oil is separated into three categories depending on its acidity. Extra virgin olive oil, virgin olive oil and lampante.

We produce extra virgin olive oil which is the best class of olive oil. It is durable in high cooking temperatures, has fruity aromas and freshly cut olive scent, combined with a bitter and pungent taste, all in a perfect balance.

Our olive oil is also made of the renowned Koroneiki variety that produces the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil, famous for its fruity aromas with an acidity below 0,8%, that promises to fulfill and exceed your expectations.

Organic Farming

We only use environmentally friendly methods, following the European regulation on organic production and labelling of organic products.

Superior quality extra virgin olive oil

Eleava olive oil is derived from the cultivation which uses environmentally friendly methods, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Our aim is to produce superior quality extra virgin olive oil, preserving its nutritional value and aromas.

This requires the necessary and timely irrigation and pruning of the olive trees as well as early harvesting, immediate extraction and proper maintenance.

The organic olive oil stands out for its intense taste and aromas, characterized as fruity.

Koroneiki, the queen of Greek olive varieties.

Eleava olive oil is made of the renowned Koroneiki variety that produces the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil.

But, Eleava olive oil is so much more than just the variety.

We cultivate our own olive groves and do our best to ensure the best quality in all the production stages by applying every quality control under the guidance of experienced agriculturists.

We pay attention to the detail and aim for the best quality and taste.

The production starts early, at the beginning of the year with frequent care of the olive trees. After taking all the necessary steps regarding the care of the olive trees throughout the year, we proceed to the harvest.

After each day's harvest, the olives are transferred to the olive mill for the production of the olive oil. The production of the olive oil is cold pressed, meaning that the procedure of the conversion of the olive fruit in olive oil is not exceeding 27 degrees in order for the olive oil to retain its nutritional value and aromas. A delicate process, which abides by all the rules and regulations, ensuring the high quality of the product.

After the production is completed, the olive oil is stored in our special tanks where it preserves its quality and taste.

The final stage before bottling, is applying sample checks and making sure that the product is of the highest quality and ready to be delivered to your table.


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